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nevernotnow001 is music from a period of great inspiration in the spring of 2021. Excited by the prospect of reclaiming my sense of purpose after a long year in the woods, I approached my studio with a yearning to reclaim the old rave days. I enlisted my trusty 909, twiddled up some synths, recorded old cassette samples to my MPC 2000XL, and got to work. Thus deep in the void, the tracks revealed themselves, day by day, night by night.

Big love to everyone who inspired me and helped move the needle on this project, whether it was bouncing ideas off each other, helping with mix feedback, or just sharing a space of collective inspiration. Key Ratio, Nathalie Seres, Nathaniel S, Tvielmetter, and of course Muriel, who showed me Snap! again and compelled me through the process by dancing to the good stuff late into the night.

— Mad Zach

released September 9, 2021

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