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After 20 years of focusing purely on dancefloor oriented music, this new EP represents a significant shift and a fresh perspective. 'Key Ratio' is the space in which I am able to just be myself and make music I enjoy, free from rules, ambition, and ego.

The sound that has emerged from these months of exploration is elusive to categorize, yet undoubtedly draws heavy influence from old-school as well as contemporary British breaks, and rave music. Though each track has something different to say, heavily processed acoustic grooves topped with playful lofi noise layers and warm synth lines form the basis of a world that emerges between them.

Track 4 is in collaboration with my dear talented friend Kiss Nuka from Mumbai who gifted her beautiful singing.

These are the first 4 'Key Ratio' songs that were created, and led to an insane amount of further creations to be released in near future.

— Key Ratio

released October 18, 2021

Vocals on track 4 by Kiss Nuka.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ankur Sood.

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