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Nathalie Seres
If There Is One


If you have followed Nathalie as a DJ her first solo EP might surprise you, if you know her as a person it feels like a natural progression. The EP sounds like it's written from within, displaying a human and emotional take on dance music that has a touch of those older UK influences.

The first track "Broken" starts with a resonance sequence that pulls you straight in and together with the bass and voice sets the tone for the vibe of this release, all complimented by a complex breakbeat. The song "If There Is One" is one of those that stuck in your head and will remain there. Child like, yet mature, vocals carry the listener on a wave of emotions that are soothing to the soul.

“Just Waiting" picks up the mood seamlessly, youthful vocals continue in a similar, yet fresh way. The kick drums are getting heavier, all wrapped in noisy, floating melody pads.

When the breakbeats of “Sometimes I Feel” are kicking in, one is reminded that this producer is a versatile DJ who knows how to handle a dance floor skilfully and knowledged, yet the song has that warmth and desire for harmony that one got used to throughout the journey of this EP.

A in it self complete release that tells its story, yet leaves you with the desire of wanting more

released June 2, 2022

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Nathalie Seres
Mastering at Seres Studio by Ankur Sood
Graphic Layout by Tobias Vielmetter-Diekmann
Video Edits by Kiss Nuka

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