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Nathalie Seres
If There Is One
The Remixes


Presenting eight diverse reinterpretations of Nathalie Seres' break-heavy debut EP 'If There Is One,' this release offers an impressive selection of dance floor favorites, including Bailey Ibbs, Blood To Blood, James Bangura, and Kreggo. Furthermore, it features exciting contributions from artists within and beyond the Never Not Now label family, such as Mad Zach, Kiss Nuka, Key Ratio, and Nathaniel S. Like Nathalie Seres’ sets, which are recognized for her careful selection, diverse styles and delivered dance floor energy, this release showcases an international variety of styles entrenched in the electronic music underground.

Release date July 12, 2023

Mastering at Seres Studio by Ankur Sood
Graphic Layout by Leonardo Casal Eriksson

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