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never not now


Introducing nnn009, a vibrant five track compilation showcasing a diverse array of moods which exemplify the never not now aesthetic.

Mad Zach kicks things off with his enigmatic track, "Venice Evil," drawing upon his signature hypnotic bass style to create a captivating trip full of rolling percussions, deep bass, and haunting organic frequencies.

Never not now newcomer Tangie follows up next with an evocative piece which masterfully juxtaposes a teched-out approach to break manipulations and synth wizardry against a slow moving backdrop of smooth chords and vocal chops.

Meanwhile Nathaniel S conjures an enchanting world of melody and finely cut rhythms in "Garden of Beasts," inviting the listener on a journey with his meticulous attention to detail and stunning capacity for storytelling with sound.

Nathalie Seres proceeds to drive the emotions home with, "Downtown," calling upon hypnotic arpeggiations and minimalist break and pad work to evoke sentimental feelings reminiscent of gliding metaphysically through a long exposure cityscape at night.

Key Ratio rounds out the compilation and elevates the energy with the blissfully crunchy, "Higher," which pulls influences from UK breaks of old while expertly fusing analog polysynthesis with a dose of tasty glitched out percussion. The resulting alchemy heaves and undulates through an emotive space dripping in his signature sound.

Released on August 31, 2023.

Mastering at Seres Studio by Ankur Sood
Graphic Layout by Tobias Vielmetter-Diekmann

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