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Nathaniel S, an electronic artist based in Berlin, invites listeners to explore his new single and EP, both titled "Us 3". The shimmering synth-laden EP is filled with break samples, vibrant percussion, and warm chords. In "Us 3", Nathaniel S explores the thrill of being a first-time dad. While engaging with playful aspects and moments of glistening synthesis in "Us 3" and "Competa", there is a clear contrast that arises with darker sounds on the track "Tell Me". "Us 3" serves as a poignant diary entry, capturing the exploration of an internal conversation through love, relationships, and ultimately joy.

EP Release July 21, 2023. Pre Release Single "Us 3" June 30, 2023
Mastering at Seres Studio by Ankur Sood
Cover Art / Visuals by Vitaly Grossmann (

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