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Spirits is a continuation of the developing sound found in Nathaniel’s last release Us 3. Here he dives deeper into sampled vocal chops and break patterns, each track with its own take on a single production session, with new derivations of the sounds. If you pay close attention you can hear repeating elements 🙂

Starting out with an energetic track, “Voices” balances between melancholy and hope with a driving energy. The second track “Spirits” plays with a lot of low end and simple auto tuned vocals and goes a bit darker. The last track Bodies is a more grounded and emotional song featuring recordings of monks in a Venetian church along with auto tuned vocal samples. This EP features a lot of resampled synthesizers from Nathaniel’s studio environment.

EP Release August 4, 2023. Pre Release Single "Spirits" July 28, 2023
Mastering at Seres Studio by Ankur Sood
Cover Art / Visuals by Nathaniel Suter

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