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In the realm of musical creation, this album manifests as a profound embodiment of the artist's innermost emotions and the enigmatic depths of his subconscious. A 65 minutes continuous voyage was meticulously woven during five moon-cloaked months, when the artist traversed the mystical landscape of a deep dissociative state. This creative exploration was driven by the unearthing of dormant creative energies, a fearless embrace of unquantized instruments, and a profound reverence for the exquisite imperfections that emerged as a result.

Within this mystical tapestry, he ventured into the ethereal realm of acoustic instruments, analog synthesizers, modular systems, audio sorcery, and the enchanting noise weavings of ancient audio relics, such as his 1991 Acousta DCA200 analog mixing console.

The opening movements of the album transport the listener to a place where fundamental chord progressions entwine with the rhythms of Jazz, all guided by the artist's melancholic yet soothing feeling for harmonies. As the third song unfolds, which has a spellbinding play of tension and release with alien like modular sounds, the mystical synthscapes and rhythmic cadences find accompaniment in the form of a recorded bass guitar, played with mastery by a dear friend named Sati. This union results over multiple songs in the groovy opus known as "Together", a living, improvisational fusion where Jazz bass harmonizes with the melodies of a piano played by Key Ratio, all while entwined with the hypnotic dance of synthlines and Jazzy percussions.

Throughout the album, listeners may discern influences from Dub and Dub Techno, among a variety of other genres At the end of "Korinthenkacker", there is a distinct transition point, marking the shift to a different phase of the musical journey. The songs begin to play with more conventional arrangements and groove structures commonly found in electronic dance music. Yet, even as the rhythms align, the chords and harmonies embark on a mystical journey that can evoke the essence of distant realms, at times reminiscent of the Orient, or the cosmic embrace of faraway alien worlds, a sensation most felt in the mesmerizing composition known as "The Adventurer."

As the album's arcane pages turn, a brief, unintentional homage to the atmospheric and morphing techno of a bygone era emerges in "Morphingly." This auditory incantation beckons the listener further into the heart of the journey, where the album's magnum opus awaits. The title track, the culmination of the mystical odyssey, unfolds with the grace of a classic yet delicately veiled Breakbeat, adorned by enigmatic, acid-like synth lines, and layered with ethereal, multi-dimensional dubby chord sorcery. It's a tunnel that draws the listener ever deeper, revealing layers of rhythm that harken to the artist's ancestral ties to the world of dance music.

One might believe the journey reaches its terminus here, but the album's final chapters continue to weave their sonic spell. "Not just recreational" stands as the parting gift, a looping and ever-evolving sonnet that spans a sublime 12 minutes, leaving the listener with a profound sense of musical fulfillment and the tantalizing allure of realms beyond.

release Nov 2, 2023. Single release for Coming Home on Oct 19, 2023

Mastering: Ankur Sood at Seres Studio
Cover Design & Video Art: Yiyang Cao

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